I wanna go home :(

King’s Park, Perth

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Alhamdulillah, after 6 months of crazy preparations (documents) and another 4 gruelling intense months of waiting on whether or not we’ll be able to have a new life together in Australia -the Australian Embassy finally last week gave my hubby his long-awaited spousal visa.

The next hurdle is -how to come up with the $$$ ?!?

Every cent counts here (LE1=AUD$5) especially when you’re unable to work (my Egyptian residence doesn’t allow me so) and you’re so use to working and getting you’re own dosh, be able to pamper and enjoy yourself, but now, have to solely rely on my dear hubby to make ends meet, even when its so difficult for him to get work for his business (sigh!)

At least after 6 months of living here (in Egypt, amongst all the puck-ling chickens and pigeons up on your neighbour’s roof, athaan promptly and beautifully being called 5 times a day, my own personal alarm clock: dockey-screaming in front of your window nearly every morning, your neighbour’s heated opera-like arguments and wresling matches every few weeks, corn and cotton crops breathlessly canvassing the edge of your neighbourhood and country-side -just imagine a Monet-like country painting but with a pharoahic touch, satellite dishes littering nearly every roof top showing 5 million options -tv channels of how to not get bored of not being able to get out much and stay home more, Egyptians thinking just because I’m a foreigner they think I’m a millionaire by scheming to scam me, as well as some of their attitudes about particular things like easygoingness approach about Islam, women, time with malls, beaches, anything that uses English 2 hours from either direction of the city I’m living in, along with the tight budget) -you learn what you can do without.

I just miss home. I miss my family and friends. I miss all the things I had the freedom and luxury to enjoy and pursue. I miss the constructive and productive challenge -from work, life, everything.

I feel like the life is restricting me here, like (to put it bluntly) like I’m rotting. I really don’t know how others can manage. Maybe they can give me a few suggestions.

What I will miss from Egypt is my husbby’s family especially his mum. I’m more closer to her than my own mum. I’ll miss the fresh produce -all organic and you can taste the difference too. I’ll miss hearing the athaan because its considered noise pollution/disturbance in Australia (and a party isn’t?).

Maybe if we lived in Cairo or Alexandria I wouldn’t be wingeing so much and I wouldn’t feel that isolated and lonely. But the reality is I’m in Kafr El Sheikh.

I just want to go home…

if you’ve heard “Home” by Michael Buble -that’s exactly how I’m feeling at the moment.

~ by nursheikha on July 26, 2008.

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