This post is so true!!!

Just a few additions to this:

*Why is it not OK to be anti-Semitic, but OK to be Islamophobic?
*Why are you considered beautiful by the little clothes you wear, but thought of as the most ugliest, abdominal, pathetic creature on earth is you choose NOT to look like a skanky hooker?
*If women are now on the same par as men (equality-wise) -why are we still dictated by them (in terms of what to wear, who governs the country, even our money) or even forced to imitate them to attain power?

And my husband always says…”if democracy is what America wants for Iraq, the Middle East, will there be anyone left alive to even see it? ” 😛

Someone should suggest to Bob Geldof that maybe the only productive effective way to end poverty is to actually ban interest/usury (just like in the Quraan, Bible, Torah) because this is what truly chains mankind and brings out the worst in us. Perfect example: World Bank loans to many under-developed countries.

Its so sad to see people from all over the world being made into commodities just so that a few greedy, old foogies in certain countries can enjoy their retirement.

Imperialism, slavery, colonialism is still ripe today as it was hundreds of centuries back. So what has changed?

~ by nursheikha on July 27, 2008.

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