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Problems with my weight, trying to accept myself/self-image, as well as trying to find the truth of where Islam really stood in regards to women (as compared to what is assumed and interpreted by muslim-populated cultures, the media and other realms of society) was made me become a fully-pledged hijabi.

It wasn’t a means to hide my “fatness” but a journey to try an understand that being beautiful was not just about having a beautiful body, wearing skanky/barely there clothes, clowning your face with Mac, Napolean, Chanel makeup. There’s nothing wrong is wanting to be and look healthy or stunning, but I needed to go deeper, further and find out what truly makes a woman -not determined by the fashioned runways or the likes of Vogue or Cleo or Penthouse magazines, soap operas or even the likes of men or culture.

The hijab for women meant that she could define and dictate her own personal space and image, that she could be the most respectful fully clothed woman on the exterior but a gorgeous, irresistable bombshell on the interior -and only her husband knew 😉 She didn’t have to worry about being exploited, harrassed upon, being pestered -because she knew where she stood and others wouldn’t even know where to start with her because its all covered. It meant that she was taken seriously for her mind, speaking directly to her eyes/face and not have else wandering where they shouldn’t. Therefore it empowers and gives power to women.

In doing so she’s also honoring and treasuring this beautiful gift/present/blessing that God has given. She is seen as a diamond and keeper of that diamond.

At the end of the day I concluded that God has made me beautiful and thats who’s opinion that should really count/matters, not anyone else.


~ by nursheikha on July 28, 2008.

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