Al Dameer Al Arabi – The Arabic Conscience

Al Dameer Al Arabi – The Arabic Conscience


I saw this video awhile back that I had to share.  It talks about the troubles in the Middle East and the need for peaceful solutions particularly when everyone there is family, regardless of religious persuasions. It comes in 4 parts, quite long but worth the watch (the rest you could find in Youtube).

I just managed to find a few English translations to this song (see  20th March 2008 “The Arab Conscience Operetta). (portion)

Dear friend…

Dear Humanity…

Here or anywhere

I send you this letter, to ease your grief

Let’s build with the millions of humankind

With justice and peace let you and I make the world safe

The hearts of people died

Our glory has died

Maybe we forgot that all Arabs were once brothers
We said

A ray of light from our first dream will reach skies and seas

Though unfortunately it’s taking too long

Because the night made our conscience a mute

We should dream even if we still have a day to live
Everyone is human

All the Profits are brother

Moses, Jesus and Mohamed reject aggression

And they reject our humiliation

They glorify humanity

God is love

God is peace


~ by nursheikha on August 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Al Dameer Al Arabi – The Arabic Conscience”

  1. I cry every time i see it!!

  2. Thank you for retrieving the lyrics from We hope that you like the site.

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