Youssef Chahine: one of Egypt’s great sons

Youssef Chahine

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I first came across one of his movies/heard of him when I was home, back in Perth a few years, lounging around in my living room featured on SBS ( ).

This channel normally showcase International films every night from all over the world (which started my obsession with foreign films and cultures. Having a festival like this only made it grow) and Chahine’s “Sokoot Hansawwar” (Silence, We’re Rolling) just happened to be one of them.

Another I saw in Perth was “11’09”01 – September 11″ ( Very popular for anti-war supporters at this time.

This guy’s a legend, icon, household name in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East and he’s not even Muslim, not that it matters if you’re such an exceptional director/artist who raised many confronting issues about the Egyptian society as well as life overall.

He past away last week. You could read more info about him here:,8599,1827723,00.html?xid=rss-arts

I watched the funeral procession a few nights ago. Both Muslims and Christians were there.

You will be sadly missed Youssef.


~ by nursheikha on August 4, 2008.

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