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We’ve got the our 1800 123 400 “Every Detail Helps” Counter-Terrorism campaign in Australia, where its more like “spot the muslim and dob them in” game more like it.

What was more hilarious was our own ministers at the time didn’t even have a clue what the number was on a show, and yet they were promoting it? 😛 (MAJOR DOH FACTOR!)

Its like McCarthyism all over again but only this time the target is Islam/muslims in a global sense.

People who you would normally think/assume to be the most brightest, intelliigent, open-minded in others things would be so hysterical, gullible, one-dimensional, dumba**es when it came to Islam/muslims, all because they bought the fear and have become so deluded in the manufactured bullsh*t thats been festering around all over the place.

Its just so sad and pitiful that they’re missing out on so much…

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I spotted this old guy wearing this shirt that said “WAR IS TERROR” when I was on my way to uni.

Its true. How can people wage a war on terror when war is terror? 😛

I guess those people in the White House ran out of names, not to mention ideas of how to better the world, instead of destroying it.



~ by nursheikha on August 5, 2008.

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