Difference between worms and snakes?!?

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This might not be the exact snake I saw in my bathroom just now as I was about to make my ablutions for the Fajr prayer but it looked just like it!!! OMG!!! (I’m freaking out now, just imagine if its bigger!!!:P)

Worms move in a straight line right?!? My internet’s too slow to watch any movies at the moment to see the difference…

At first I thought it was a worm but just as I was sitting in the loo doing my business I started to spray some water near it to see if it was still alive and it ran just like a snake!!! I even found its skin behind one of the big tanky water bottles we have ready just in case the water company cuts the water off (normal nearly every 2 weeks of if the neighbour on the other side of the same street decides to do some home reno).

Australia’s well known for its numerous and dangerous slithering critters but never have I encountered one in my own home! Crikey!

Our carpet just happens to be chocolate and I think my husband stepped on one the other day because I found something similar to it lying dead beside the bed whilst I was cleaning and he was complaining of his foot itching like something had bitten it. Maybe this could be it!!!

I’ve experienced nearly everything bitten-able here: bee stings, mosquito bites, bitten by fleas because the stupid neighbour’s so filthy and now snakes. Am I doing another Moses rendition?!? 😛  Or should I get my Cleopatra suit ready just in caseI get bitten? 😛


~ by nursheikha on August 9, 2008.

One Response to “Difference between worms and snakes?!?”

  1. Oh My! Better watch out!

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