Olympic Starters

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Is it me or the Olympics seems to be very low-key here in Egypt!?! Or maybe the networks didn’t pay enough or because its in Asia, not in Europe? 😉

As I’m flicking through the numerous channels we’ve got on our cable tv, only 2 managed to give a few handful of highlights before heading back to the usual football matches and soap operas. Even then the reception’s quite poor. I could just barely point out my Australian team. The Egyptian commentary aren’t as top notch as I was hoping like the Seven network back home with their coverages. They couldn’t even get their geography right -like my husband :P. One bloke said Cook Islands was in the Caribbean 😛 WT! Most of my in-laws didn’t know where Australia was either and for those who knew, they were absolutely gobsmacked as to why I wasn’t blonde and blue eyed! Also interesting how all the world leaders seem to flock in one box each supporting its national team like good ‘ole President Putin, yet whats happening in Georgia at the same time?

Can you believe I missed the Opening Ceremony so I’m making it up on Youtube as we speak but I’m sure our Sydney one was better 😉

When I was waiting for my dear hubby to wake up I was watching the Middleweight Boxing 71-85 kg Round 32 matches http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/beijing/boxing/results/BXM075/1.

Mohamed Hikal from Egypt was playing James Degale from Britain. He started out strong by getting the first 3 of 4 points but then just withered away. Could explain why Egyptians aren’t expecting too much from the games. Told my hubby about this and apparently my brother-in-law Ali (also a professional boxer) use to box against him when he was here and my hubby happen to have studied with Hikal’s cousin when they were in uni. 6 degrees of seperation! Interesting.

~ by nursheikha on August 10, 2008.

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