Land of the Ancient Pharoahs…my piece of it

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Yelp, this is what your land might look like in lower Egypt/Delta region…

Cow/water buffalo/donkey/horse-grazing acred-portions growing corn, cotton, rice, an assortment of vegetables and fruits depending on season -right now its mangoes, grapes, guavas…with humongous electric power cables zigzaging throughout…

Right now my husband’s not doing much to his portions but he’ll probably have it rented out to farmers to make it still useable and fertile before we travel.

The portion you’re looking at right now is worth LE 100000. Might not be much if compared to the $ but in Egyptian terms -goes a very long way,! and because the city’s growing and need more places to build, in 2-5 years time this would probably looking at LE 1 million, with apartment complexes built on top of it.

What really perplexes me is how even if you might be living in a slum but because of location! location! location! -particularly near the city, you’re really sitting on a jackpot here.

And so this is what we do, on our midnight walks when the temperatures cool and its not surprising kids running around and playing in the streets and people dotting the edges of the Nile River with some convenient shops and chemists still opened…we look for places/land where we can invest next around the city (which is like a 30 minute walk, pretty small)…

I never thought of owning land before even though my dad’s got a lot of it in Malaysia and even in Australia, it would most probably be for our house, a summer getaway house along with a few apartments to make some money on the side but never for pure agricultural/commercial sakes until I came to Egypt…

Even though my husband’s got a lot of portions from his dad but because of the politics between his 9 other brothers (4 full, 5 half -his dad married twice at the same time, thats another story!) its just so difficult to get hold of anything from it (buy, sell, share, type of work) without prior consultation of the rest of the Kashir dynasty (hence the reason why we’re still in Egypt and not in Australia!!! really frustrating!!!)

Thats why I guess we’re trying to find land, property of our own.

Baltim -40 minutes north of Kafr el Sheikh, 2 hours away from Alexandria, a small holiday town is sprouting up a lot of holiday villas that I’m thinking of doing one up myself too and the land surrounding it is quite good despite being near the sea.

But the first place I’d love to settle or buy an apartment at is Alexandria – the place where it made Cleopatra and Mark Antony famour, the destroyed Lighthouse -one of 7 great Ancient Wonders of the World buried underneath its shored, named after Alexander the Great even though there’s no traces of either in the present day…

It really has character…especially if you just came from Cairo and Kafr el Sheikh! (you’ll understand what I mean when you go there)…and it was the first place I felt at home outside of home. Maybe it reminded me a little of Perth but its such a gem…the place has so much history and even when they’re still building more apartment complexes, shopping complexes, business centres, you can see little archaeological excavations just digging beside it…cities beneath cities like Jericho and Troy…




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2 Responses to “Land of the Ancient Pharoahs…my piece of it”

  1. I was going to give you another site for Egypt real estate;, but seems like there is something wrong with it?!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m not able to open it either but I’ll try later 🙂

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