Under the weather with counterfeit medicine?

magic pills

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I think if I ever tried marijuana, heroine or cocaine (which thank god I’ve never done, don’t need to and never will), I’d probably be the first to overdose because my body just simply can’t take it. Not even flu medicine.

Right now I’m so drowsy despite having a sneezing-fest every 5 minutes I can barely do anything. I’m just writing this whilst I’m waiting to scan and forward my docos for my tax return back to my accountants in Australia because I need any $$$ to get back. My hubby just told me the guys who were suppose to give us money won’t be doing so until the end of this month. Great…just great…more reason to stay sick!

Medicine is so plenty and cheap here in Egypt its like candy, I’m surprised to see not many druggies. Every time my hubby or I’m feeling sick or in pain -he quickly rushes out to the corner pharmacy and comes back with a whole cabinet of meds, and I’m like ” I/you have to eat all that!?!?”…and they’re quite strong too…so much that I have to decide whether I really want to try to fall pregnant this month because its that potent.

Makes me wonder if they’re real or just counterfeit because most of the time the pain you’re having doesn’t go away. And if they are counterfeit -why so? I’ve never had this much meds even whilst I’m back in Perth.

Think I better do the ironing and dishes tomorrow…I so can’t be stuffed at the moment.








~ by nursheikha on August 12, 2008.

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