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I’d just been flicking through the tv channels after watching a handball game between Egypt 4 Korea 3 when I stumbled on one of my favourite sporting events: RED BULL AIR RACE!!!

Yes, I might be muslim, but the only extreme thing about me is that I’m a peaceful, non-violent extreme sport loving fanatic (, healthy, non-toxicated, natural adrenalin-junkie 😉 (

OK maybe I’m 5 races overdued (was only watching the semi-finals and finals of the Abu Dhabi one -Bonhomme won, the next one’s coming up in 3 days time in Budapest) and the places these races travel to a 5 million times more exotic and beautiful than boring old Perth despite it being the finals, but just watching each one makes me feel I was actually there spectating the sport and feeling the pilots as well, just praying none of the planes don’t crash into any chacanes or crowds especially when they’re going over 350 km/h and you’re right beside the foreshore (ughhhhhhh!!!!!!)

I’m a big Peter Bensenyei (Hungary) fan, very old school, but as dinasaur-looking as he is, its amazing he’s still soaring the skies with such class. I was there when Ivanoff won the Perth race last year and watched Mangold take the World Series minus the 3rd degree burns I experienced even whilst I was clothed from head to toe.

Yes, I’ve flown a plane before (well, co-piloting) but only on my birthday (see slide below) and it was the best birthday present ever (would do it again if I/my husband was a millionaire 😛 ) ! It was to conquer my ginormous fear of heights but in doing so I gained a great love of nature, especially from a bird’s eye view -to see how beautiful the world really is especially from above, feel so humbled to realise that you are only a mere mortal, not even as high or greater as the mountains or the clouds, and this was what got me into photography, just to capture those beautiful moments. It was such an estatic, euphoric, happy, freeing feeling I was singing “What a wonderful world” -Loius Armstrong 😛 Now thats definitely one of my “happy zones”.

Just stumbling on this show reminded me how much of a hole I’ve been living whilst in Egypt because I use to be so up-to-date with all the sports results because thats what Australians do -SPORTS 24/7! (well majority anyways). I use to spend my weekends just catching up on the latest news or going out watching a game (Perth Glory, Western Force, West Coast Eagles, Hopman Cup, V8 Supercar challenges) and at the moment -we (Perth) suck big time!!! I can’t believe the scores! See!!! -this is what happens when Nur goes out of the country 😛 😉

Its not easy being a hijabi and going to these games because most of the time you end up going alone or having to bribe/eloquently and lavishly persuade one of your brothers or friends to come along with you. And the friends who do love the sports as much as you do, you’re restricted from going due to marital reasons. There are also problems of also being easily spotted and judged. Like one time when I went with my brother to watch the Hopman Cup and this was the year right after the Bali Bombings, I had people giving me evils from every corner all because I was obviously muslim and Indonesian-looking/my hijab. Made me wonder if they were watching the game or watching me, to see if I might be up to no good (-whatever!!!). One bloke said to his mate next to me, “U-oh, another terrorist…why don’t they all go back to their own country”. If only this redneck knew Australia was my country, -DOH! Can get very frustrating sometimes. A handful of misguided muslims tainting the rest of us.

Anyways, can’t wait till the 1st and 2nd of November -because thats when they’ll be in Perth again…YAY!!! Will make sure we get there early and not by car, bring a rug, munchies -because everything will either probably be closed or cost 10 times more at the races, an umbrella to keep the sun away, the radio and plenty of sunscreen. I don’t want to come blistering like last year.

Will keep y’all posted!!! Over and out 😉

One more thing -if anyone’s in Perth at this time and want to come join -let me know 🙂


~ by nursheikha on August 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “RED BULL AIR RACE 2008 -SMOKE ON!!!”

  1. hello there,
    Nice blog you have here. I just passed by to thank u for visiting my blog. 🙂
    Big kiss from Brazil!!!
    Keep in touch…

  2. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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