Diarrhoea from Baltim

Diarrhoea at the Taj

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I actually tried yoghurt and lemon juice and it seemed to quieten my bowels after one hell of a day…

Had the runs from eating minced fittah bread pizza and no it wasn’t from a cheap restaurant like the sign in the photo says (-LE 12 for medium size pizza for one, can get cheaper and more better, tastier quality than this in Alexandria). Birthday boy was the first to go -immediately after consuming it, mine took the next day.

We had relies over from Aswan so that took up half of hubby’s birthday. They wanted to visit us and in particularly -me, right after we got married last year but by that time I was already back in Australia. Was surprised the aunty kept a passport pic of our wedding pics inside her purse (which is quite a common practise here -they don’t just have pics of their immediate family but also their sons/daughters/nieces/nephews/relatives….everyone’s! engagements, weddings) because I didn’t think it would ever go around amongst the relies but it did, as far as Aswan! (the other side of Egypt). I felt so at home with her because not only was she funny as hell, she spoke English as well.

So what did we do in Baltim? Nothing much really. Last year I threw him some fireworks, this year I couldn’t do much because we were still in Egypt. After munching on that cursed pizza, we went for a stroll on the beach before hubby decided he would try and swim to Italy -just because its his birthday and not wanting to feel that he’s really getting that old. He use to do laps that would break Grant Hackett’s record any day when he was in the army. We watched the sunset and then went home. Don’t know if anyone else experiences this but when you walk on the beach, sand, water, wind and all -it always makes me sleepy. I dozed off immediately after we got home whilst hubby catched up with his family next door.

There’s one thing thats good about Egypt is that for me, it normally takes 4 hours to fly to Melbourne from Perth ($400 return), 2 hours squashed up in a mini-van or being gased in a bus (due to no air conditioning, heat, bad BO) from Kafr el Sheikh to Cairo (only LE 7), Kafr el Sheikh to Baltim (LE3 bus, LE 4 minivan). Whats not so good about travelling in these minivans are the drivers.

The last time we went to Alexandria, my husband only wanted to ask the driver how much it would cost us to go to Marsa Matruh (on the way to Libya) as well as how long it would take. He didn’t know so he asked a fellow driver. This fellow driver took our driver to be stupid and started to give him shite. The next thing you know they’re boxing. Our driver hit this elderly fellow driver so bad that the other drivers had to give him first aid because he got knocked out for a few seconds and they were about to call the police on our driver -all because I wanted to know about Marsa Matruh (*blink*). Luckily the elderly fellow driver was ok. All the passengers in our mini-van were telling the people and the driver to just go because we were literally waiting for over an hour just for this to stop. The elderly guy after being bandaged wasn’t satisfied with his defeat that he wanted a second round and did his best to try and stop our mini-van, even jumping in the window to try and pull out the car keys. So crazy! That took another 10 minutes before the other drivers held this man to let our mini-van go.

Really, the men here fight over the most stupidest of things but they don’t have enough balls to fight over whats really important -their country being screwed by everyone. Was kinda worried about our Baltim driver when we were going home because he was about to have a big nasty fight with one of the passengers all because this passenger didn’t wanted to put his suitcase on top of the van. He was also going off at some other fellow drivers, even chasing them on the street. But we managed to go home with no incidents. So far we’ve had no dramas when we go to the Shoubra Busport in Cairo or back here in Kafr el Sheikh. Maybe next time we should buy a car, even if it might cost us LE 250000 for a 2004 Toyato Camry.

~ by nursheikha on August 23, 2008.

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