WHAT NOT TO WEAR….in rural Egypt

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I had a big spat with my hubby this morning about what I wanted to wear to the airport this Sunday (yes, I do plan that far ahead, especially when we have to wake up at 5am that day…)

He didn’t agree with me wearing this gold silky dress top, with a black top underneath to cover my arms, black pants, with a black and gold sequinned embroidered hijab wraps to cover my head and a black leather jacket. He said I didn’t look “islamic”. I’m like thinking -how much more covered to do you want me to be?!? All because he thought the gold silky dress was like what the cheap bellydancers use to wear in the old days, basically lingerie, all because of the material! So I cheekily replied, “so if they danced whilst wearing cotton, I can’t wear cotton either?”. I mean I’m his in every sense, I’m not walking around naked…the dress isn’t even that tight but he says he can see the silhouette of my body…grrrrrrrr!!!! He’s more relaxed when we go to Alexandria and Cairo but just stepping foot outside the home here is like a nightmare. I always have to end up wearing an abaya.

If you’re not married, you can get away with pretty much anything here in Kafr el Sheikh (well my sister-in-law does anyways and she’s an engaged hijabi. I don’t see anyone fashion policeing her)…don’t be surprised to see hijabi’s wearing ultra-tight tops with skinny jeans (which disses the whole point of wearing a hijab-me thinks), Cairo is more modern and relaxed for both married and unmarried hijabis. But if you’re married…they pretty much want you walking around in a tent…another words niqabs, abayas 24/7, with only kohl in your eyes because its sunnah. Nothing tight, sexy, no jeans or anything silky or bright…especially when you’re big and voluptuous…

OK maybe it is keeping in line with Islamic guidelines for women and I do get the hasanah for obeying Allah and there’s nothing wrong with wearing abayas but you shouldn’t be restricted to wearing ONLY abayas outside, black too. I’m not mourning….and the abayas don’t just come in black. So I demanded my hubby to get all the colours of the rainbow of abayas (just like how I wear with normal clothes) and another 20-30 hijabs of each colour matching the abayas 😛 so as to get a win:win result from this. I only managed to get 3 because he thought 10 was too much 😦

I’m someone who likes to look good, modern, trendy, different, unique and its just been a complete and utter torture for me to look as bland and conforming as everyone else here in Kafr el Sheikh. Hence the spat. It was a build-up of 7 months of patience and accomodating. I just had had enough to be restricted yet again even whilst going to my own country where everyone doesn’t give a shite what you wear, better go naked…I’m going to be in a car, inside of the plane most of the time, like anyone would ever notice…the only thing people would is my hijab…

What I don’t understand is why they want me to wear abaya at the same time pluck my eyebrows?!? (haram) WT!!! Mine aren’t like an Amazon forest anyways.

For those who have no idea what a modern hijabi is please visit the following sites:





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  1. I noticed you posted a link to my site and wanted to say thanks! I found your blog to be quite intriguing, and will definitely come back to read what you have to say 🙂
    Take Care,

  2. Very informative. Thanks for the info…

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  3. No probs Mariam -I enjoy yours too. Thats why I recommended it 😉

    Thanks Joel for visiting 🙂

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