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128/365: job hunting

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Just met the cousin my in-laws wanted my hubby to marry…kinda feel sick with jealousy and rage that she has the nerve to rock up and say goodbye to us (more like my hubby who funny enough her fiance looks a splitting image of -obsessed of what!)

Right on the eve of us flying…how convenient…I told my husband whilst I forcefully made myself greet her (because of mother-in-law)that if she tries anything right now I will finish her off right in front of her mum, fiance and the rest of the family…luckily she didn’t understand a word of English…

That was as far as I would go in terms of conversations with her…why should I anyways…especially when she doesn’t respect the fact that we’re married…

And my husband says…”but I see her only as her sister”…bullocks…I’m trying to pre-occupy myself with some job-hunting in the banking and insurance industry for when we immediately arrive to Perth because there’s no way I feel comfortable staying with my parents again…and we need to start living anyways, make money. I’ve felt so depressed not being to make any and rely just only on my husband’s income. Its just good that we have a choice to do what we like, enjoy, unlike here in Egypt, where you have to settle for anything, even cleaning side of the roads or selling tissues like some people do just to make ends meet.

I’m still furious…

~ by nursheikha on August 30, 2008.

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