Ultrasound 13 weeks…baby’s name???

Ultrasound 13 weeks

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i just had my first trimester ultrasound…

so far the baby’s 66mm long, 22 mm wide…beating 155bpm

was sucking its thumb whilst the pathologist was trying to capture as many scans as it could from my very full bladder/lower stomach (they made me drink a litre of water an hour before the scan) which made me go to the loo 5 million times after that…

the next one’s due at the end of next month…

just so relieved that everything’s ok…particularly after all that its been through, as well as the fact that i’ve got diabetes on my dad’s side and hubby’s got high blood pressure on his -a fab combination! 😛

should start thinking of names shouldn’t i…any ideas anyone!?!

was thinking along the lines of a battler/warrior(ess) because even i had doubts that it would make it, especially with severe cramps i experienced when i had that internal bleeding a few weeks ago…

feel like its more real now…that i’ve got something to look forward to, even though it was before but just seeing scans of its face, spine, feet, bladder, etc -evolving to a human being makes it more real…

hubby’s also blown away from it…

we’ve been ok so far…

he’s driving is still crazy, sense of direction like other women (:P) and its gotten to the point where when he’s had bad days or is simply slow -im just catching the taxi or bus to and from work. he even banned me one time all because he couldn’t quickly respond or listen to questions…until that fine he received a few days ago…-now he’s feeling the punishment of driving too fast or basically not obeying Australian driving laws -which i’m sure in a few days time he’ll rock up to the nearest licensing centre demanding to not be charged with such a fee (when really it was his fault)…

got underpaid today (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) for the overtime and 20% loading i’m suppose to get on top of my usual pay. so might be short again…

trying to figure out how i can get out of my fitness first gym membership…

i tried cancelling it a few days ago but when i mentioned i wanted to cancelled i think they were deaf and totally bombarded the benefits of me using the gym before i could even say anything, despite my dear doctor advising me to stay away from them for the time being

probably might have to pay the full $2k figure but i guess its better than being hounded every month to visit it…

i think the only workout i’ll be getting is a mental one 😛

they wouldn’t even give me the bank discount for being part of bankwest!

i’m doing credit card enquiries at the moment, will be upgrading to lending in a few weeks time so looking forward to it…so sick of reseting online banking passwords!!!

we’re still trying to find a place

they ask for references and history of renting which i think is not faor especially for first timers like us. our job references/salary earnings should be enough or how many applications do we have to go through before we really get our own apartment!?!? coz it is quite limiting staying with folks

just bought the marwa hamed style book from ebay mentioned in thehijablog.wordpress.com. use to buy so much stuff on ebay. now i’ve forgotten how to especially when it comes to making payments from my credit card. i made it using my credit card but i think its defaulted to my visa and not to my mastercard…just having problems to how i can update this or would it be done all through paypal?

does anybody know?!?

anyways can’t wait to get that book


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One Response to “Ultrasound 13 weeks…baby’s name???”

  1. If your doctor says to stay away from the gym, get him/her to write a letter of medical neessity to take to your gym.

    E-bay… If you are using paypal, then you need to make the change by logging into your paypal account. If not, then you would log into ebay and go to My E-bay and go to the account tab.

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