To overpower is to be overpowered? Is this Islam?

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when i asked sheikh madgy about what i should do if i see someone literally doing something wrong -for example, see your husband cheat/disrespect in front of you, what was his reply???
he said along the lines of -yes, if you see something wrong, you should correct it with your hand, if not your hand, by mouth, if not by speech, -the weakest of all iman is in your heart.
so i responded, therefore, what i did is islamically correct? he said yes, but its best to choose the weakest way, because when you wish with you heart, you are surrendering your power and giving it to the Most Powerful -Allah swt, when you complain to Him of your weakness and of the ill-will of your husbands, and it is only Him who has Power over everything and since He has this Power, He can do the impossible -make this person good and become near Him.
sheikh magdy gave an example were jesus saw one of his disciples stealing but when he confronted him, and his disciple denied doing so, jesus apologized and said i must have been mistaken and saw incorrectly.
so i was like thinking, to what extent do you do step in to correct the wrong? from what i understand, if we don’t, we are just the same as the one who does the wrong-doing? then there will be no triumphs or revolutions to overthrow the injustice of people throughout history. there would be no new histories. why must i accept this self-defeated concept? is this islam? i thought you were suppose to step up and fight for justice, to encourage the good and forbid the wrong.
he said islam is more concerned about winning hearts. but i thought Allah’s message alone is enough to win hearts, islam doesn’t need people to promote the religion, unlike other religions. maybe sheikh magdy was trying to explain this from a jamaah prospective? since they are on a dawah mission, to spread the word. but i think -shouldn’t you first practise this in your own home, like my own husband needs to do, before you go out there to invite others to islam.
i mean with me wearing the hijab, i don’t intentionally try to invite others to islam, but indirectly i do mystify and spark other people’s curiosity towards islam.
the only way to invite people to islam is by living it each and every day.
like for example, on wednesday, when we had a team meating out in the central park greens, one of my team mates -jocelyn, had just come back from a holiday in malaysia and thailand. and she asked me, on behalf of the rest of the team, as to what age does one start to wear the hijab, shawl, because she saw so many versions there and she was so curious about those wearing the niqab, particularly when they ate. i responded, technically when you come of age, but for many people, when they’re spiritually ready. she was so amazed how despite being covered in black, she could see slits of designer shoes, beautifully done makeup behind the veil.
despite not entirely keen on the idea of choosing to lose in order to win, because its more statistically possible to do so, it did open up a new dimension of thinking for me.
all this time, i’ve been exerting so much into trying to take control of the situation, being assertive, fighting for my right, but i think i’ve not sort of forgotten that there is a limit to what i can do, that there is Allah. that i should still remember to be humble and mindful of Him. just as much as i am seeking His Help in my ordeal, i should also keep in account what He can really do.
also i forgot to mention, in our coffee conversation, when ayman started to blurt out the many issues about me, sheikh madgy quickly pointed out, from today, from now on, if you sincerely want your marriage to be better, that we both should remove problem from our vocubulary, and replace it with something positive -like challenge.


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  1. Question: who is this sheikh madgy

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