its summer and perth looks like this :P


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alhamdulillah we’ll be getting a few litres of rain today in the midst of a very temperamental often blistering summer

we just had a memorial last weekend for those who died in the victorian bushfires -which is still going on. never had we had that many lives lost in a natural yearly occurance but over such a wide area and thats not including the floods in queensland…as much i feel for these people -because i hear from them every day in regards to how they’re suppose to finance their home loans and its great to see the country come together to support them, but does it take a disaster closer to home, in your own back yard to show empathy for others? what about others suffering in gaza, iraq, africa…nobody gives a bullocks about them…or is that generally australian’s for you?

was able to get my hours changed from full-time to part-time accomodate my rather unpaid maternity leave which hopefully will start on the 26/3/2009 next month because technically i’m suppose to hang around until 14/4/09

feel so free with the free time i’ve got until labor day this monday -which i have to fill in but will be paid double time plus rewarded with a $50 gift voucher. guess thats time to get my maternity bag ready

we’ve got the babystand, crib, pram ready. just the car seat -which the cheapest and most safest is $300. an investment i guess since its going to last until the bub weighs 18 kg -which is 2ish right?

everyone including the centre manager’s realising how bouncey i’m becoming because the tum’s normally disguised in the slimming uniform

i wish they’d made the maternity leave for anyone-would look nice on a home loan pre-approval or rental application, -which we’re still trying to get

if they expect women to contribute to the workforce to keep the economy afloat -then we have a right to be compensated for our time, effort and sacrifice for it.

ceo’s and senior exec’s can easily get a few million dollars for doing jack all, women should too since we’re jack everything!

is it because we’re muslim that we can’t even rent a place, especially before bubba pops out?

speaking of bubba, he’s been doing his mini cirque de solei inside me. been making hear all sorts of things including my shouting, which i’m sure he’s quite use to by now. just been getting really cranky lately due to lack of sleep (2 hours today), limited immobility -especially when i’m trying to move around in bed and just the stress of trying to find our own place, have extra funds sorted -especially when we’ll be surviving on one income (which to be honest am really not looking forward to since i don’t get to splurge/pamper as much -which really i should with hubby’s money). he can be a tight-ass sometimes

at least we finally got our debt in egypt sorted

no more chancing up telegraphic transfers which take a million years to get there or calling up to make sure they don’t do an enquiry because they lose 10 pounds for everytime they did that

went to osbourne park hospital to see the dietition and social worker.

didn’t realise i was eating so much shit. a lil worried about how the baby will turn out or how i’ll turn our years later especially when i’m not getting my usual calcium intake. it more fat intake usually. and i just weighed myself. my BMI’s 46 -which is dangerously obese. how on earth am i going to give birth at this weight. shit shit shit

the social worker lost my referral…what is it with hospitals….they expect women to rock up for their checkup -did they book all 300 at the same time that you end up waiting 2 hours just to be seen? what if i’m 38 weeks pregnant? will i give birth whilst waiting as well?

if this is osbourne park hospital, what about king edward?

dad’s wanting to chuck us out because he didn’t tell homeswest that we’ve been boarding there until we get a place of our own. stupid him anyways for not buying the house when the market was cheaper. in 1994 the government offered $90-100k, now its tripled that and he’s been having psycho morning sessions with mum to tell us to move out (despite us actually paying $500 -more than the rent per month and food) and he’s still complaining

and hubby’s quite saddened with the fact that he never knows how to say salam or even tries to strike a conversation with him but its ok for dad to search high and low for buyers to get my sisters auctioned off to them so that he doesn’t have to look after the rest of us.

what a dad!

but then again i wonder what our little bubs will be testing us with, especially with the friction i’ve got with my own parents

i feel like i’m not mentally ready to be the best example for my bub because there’s so much i need to know and learn before i can teach my little ones

how can one be a teacher when one still needs to be taught?

i still feel like a beginner, amatuer in life…

i’ll be as clueless as the bub…and i blamed my parents for never knowing enough…shit…

and i also feel bad that i haven’t been prompt with my prayers and all
especially to hope everything will be fine because of work, trying to maintain a good relationship with hubby but then again it should really start with Allah shouldn’t it?…

shame on you mala

also hubby’s bad ways in making a 2nd series too…

i don’t know

anyways have to get home despite the monsoon outside, no idea what i’m going to cook. just have no mood these days and prefer eating outside because 1/i can’t cook and 2/usually takes 2 hours to cook up something. just don’t have the patience but have to anyways because hubby’s tired of eating out. his tum’s always sensitive to outside food, always have to gulp a few bascupan liquids for his indigestion to clear

actually went to the physio whilst i had to take my antibody and vit k blood test. was definitely suffering from high blood pressure due to a row we had the night before. had pissed me off so bad that i wished he felt the same pain as me as i felt he hardly empathised. i guess he and i realised it was answered the next day and i just felt so sorry for him. the doc referred him to a physio who ended up treating him no different as i did at home 😛 so much for 4 years studying at uni!

the doc thinks its something to do with his neck that he keeps on getting migraines and body pain from his left side. hub’s had docs in korea look at it, even in egypt but they weren’t able to find anything wrong with him…still remains a mystery

i guess i’m writting this much because i don’t know when i can get hold of a computer. there’s a virus lurking at a home one which dad doesn’t know about. if he did, we’ll probably end up on the streets today -thats how much he would love us around.

makes me think, if he wants us out now when i’m carrying bub. when then should he even bother seeing the bub when its out especially when he didn’t want to know we existed in our own house.


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