Maternity Leave: RIGHTS

next week will be my last week at work…will miss my team, the workload, my whingey customers and the hell they give me…

even though there’s a lot for me to do:

*get ready labour bag for bub and me
*write up birth plan
*research pain relief options
*try to find more ways i can chill and relax and prepare myself to be in the positive “labour zone” and not worry so much
*buy baby car capsule
*find a place for us three to have a fresh step
*go to pre-natal classes
*arrange another check up at osbourne park to see if everything’s ok (have gained more weight, can’t keep away from the sweet stuff infortunately and to make sure bub’s sitting the right way coz he’s still kicking me around the bottom of my tum, not upstairs)
*read up on more of what to expect pre-labour and post-birth (how to put bub to sleep, breastfeeding, games to make bub an einstein)
*be more closer to Allah (more nafl salat, finish reading the Quraan, prep for whats expected in islam)
*finding another source of home, even whilst at home

am nervous about it all…

great to hear the government’s giving a $900 payout for those that lodged their tax return
for last year’s and i think we’ll be able to qualify for the baby bonus now that my part-time income’s shrunk to $24k 😦

but the maternity leave is still an issue here especially with the current financial crisis…

here’s what the rest of the world is paying for maternity leave:

and what the Australian government views maternity leave:

info on maternity leave:


~ by nursheikha on March 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Maternity Leave: RIGHTS”

  1. Hey Hey,

    I love this site.

    Keep Up the good work.

    Love Always


  2. Time for an international male block vote alliance. If interested, check my blog out. considering linking to me.

    Who knows what we can achieve together?

    Say no to all-female shortlists!!!!!!!!!

    say no to the inequality in parental leave

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