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hubby just told me his older brother’s wife nadia gave birth to a baby girl and just named her hagar as part of the week naming tradition last night…when asked how she was delivered, hubby said caesarian of course…

as my tum’s getting bigger and back ache getting greater day by day -am leaning against a hot pack strapped at the back of me whislt writing this, its making me think just which way is the best method to give birth??? -natural or caesarian???

does having a caesarian make one less of a mother because she didn’t get the baby out with all her might? of if i do give birth naturally, even though it will help my bub adjust itself more and more to the real world when it does come out in the process, how much will it affect my downstairs? i certainly want it to change my sex life. am i even going to walk properly especially to attend the needs of my child and its father as well?

most women in egypt have a caesarian and thats a normality. and i thought caesarians can only be done if under certain circumstances…but i don’t know if i can bear the pain…just having that miscarriage last year, the pain that went through was already unbearable to the extent that i can still feel it again, how about when i give birth? is it better to knock me out with drugs and walaaaahhh pops out my baby in hand? -let my hubby and the rest in the room worry about it:P

there is a thought of what if i die whilst giving birth? that is how freaked out i am about the delivery…i have no probs looking after it after but having gone through the previous miscarriage has made me fear about not being able to “deliver the results” again…so its like better i go than seeing another of my babies go because i can’t stand the pain…but then again it is making me more determined to give this one and the rest the best life it could possibly live because of knowing what its like to lose one…we shall see what Allah has planned…

was watching dr. phil yesterday whilst was waiting for my nephews to rock up so that their folks could pray jumaah prayers in the nearby masjid and do some errands. he was interviewing nadia suleman -the lady who gave birth to 8 bubs.

seriously, if you couldn’t cope with 6, how could she even think about bringing one more, yet alone another 8 into the world? and i’m stressing out with one! and i agreed with dr. phil that she is living as a pollyanna in disney land thinking she love all babies but can’t understand that she can’t afford to look after all of them. i feel for her mother! they’re not dolls, they’re all human beings.

my sister-in-law azza, ayman’s youngest sister just signed her nikkah/marriage contract yesterday and drawn up their properties but she’ll have the reception and move in with her hubby 10 days from now. wanted to send them something for their wedding but mama-mother-in-law said better wait till we come back to egypt

hubby is sad that he couldn’t be there for his baby sis but would he want to miss the birth of his bub too?

by islamic law, the husband technically has to provide everything – dowry, house, money, food, clothing, but in the kafr el sheikh/egyptian culture -the groom provides the apartment, jewellery, dowry, reception, furniture, the bride -everything else -clothes, white goods, furnishings. and its her whole family who helps her out with that. we just sent LE 10000 to help her out with her kitchen.

i had to do something similar when i went back last year even though no one really helped us out with the home except for his mum. hubby got the apartment ready -the one attached to the family home, got the furniture, i had to prepare the kitchen, furnishings, white goods…wasn’t really keen on the idea since islam and culture, be it malay or the rest of the arab cultures ascertained that its the man’s job to provide everything…but i needed to feel like having my own place…even though half the time i was there, it was like a community hall, meeting place for the rest of my family to huddle around…

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