out of your comfort zone


Originally uploaded by Peter Gutierrez


was watching one of the african tribes featured in this doco and it reminded me of what an adventure it was to head to egypt and marry and settle down with the love of my life…

thought i’d be able to get out of my comfort zone and totally challenge myself with adapting another way of life…well, that adventure-streak was worned out the first hours i arrived in egypt when i was in cairo when we were trying to find a place to stay -which was in hussein. nothing 5-star there! but we had to stay true to our itienary -pray jumaah prayers at the famous hussein mosque…and on the same day i gradually harboured a hate for fuul -egypt’s most famous meal. to me it only looked and tasted like chuck from too much drinking the night before…

i guess i should’ve known that people, especially me! don’t change our ways despite our good intentions, (there goes my dreams to being an aid worker), because i felt the same way when i was visting my relies in malaysia in the late ’90s. even though it wasn’t as slum-like as in egypt, it still wasn’t as modern enough as australia, because i can so remember being relieved to getting back to civilization when i went back to singapore to stay with my uncle there…

to sum it up, it is a great experience, exposure to seeing another way of life because it really makes you appreciate what you do have, but its best to sample in a short time, not like months as i did…


~ by nursheikha on March 26, 2009.

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