rushed to hospital

belly progress

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experienced a first on monday- kicks near the vagina region (could have sworn felt a small foot coming out) and loads of mucous discharge! -and i thought, shit! haven’t even read up on early labour signs yet! -is this it??? this was 6am in the morning, when me and hubby were on our way to work…

and it happened a few times after at work and even when i was pigging out on some ribs and briyani rice at chicken charcoal express…

hubby rang mama (mother-in-law) for motherly advice and also to get updates on his sister’s wedding (reception was the night after, was a bash) and she said to rush me to the hospital, because i did say there was some yellowy discharge when i went to the loo…

after 4 hours at king edward at subi, nurse said i was ok…that mucous is normal at around this time, that my uterus was long and closed and bub’s a happy one, moving around and i’ll be having it there. if only bloody osbourne park hospital had told me that they had referred me to king edward for my care. not happy!!! definitely don’t want to go back there again, despite all the rave reviews its had

had trouble waking up the next day coz came back home really late. when i did arrive to work stupid hr department hadn’t yet updated my schedule so was listed as on annual leave when was suppose to have my last day on the 30th. only lasted an hour when i was taxied back home. looked really that bad.

when was in the hospital rethought about working till the 30th, what if have more labour dramas before then?

anyways, here’s what you’re suppose to know about early labour signs…

~ by nursheikha on March 26, 2009.

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