hijabi monologues -anyone know the transcript?

hijabi popart =p

Originally uploaded by Ranoush.

was just going through this blog –http://muslimahmediawatch.org/2008/11/20/the-hijabi-monologues/, and apparently there’s not only the vagina monologues, there’s hijabi monologues as well…would love to know what its all about because i know its going take half a century before they ever make their way down to australia…

but here’s the vagina monologues anyways…




~ by nursheikha on March 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “hijabi monologues -anyone know the transcript?”

  1. this whole new hype is gonna die very soon the ‘hijabi monolouge’
    think from vagina to hijabi .. just simply ludacris . if you wear hijab and tight jeans and boobs hanging out in hijab with high heel boots and wear MAC cosmetics obviously your a vagina hijaba.
    And if you wear just long dress no make up and you obviously must be a lonely hijaba and obviously just not a hottie in hijaba. you must be the mother in law.

  2. It’s a show that tells a wide range of stories about the lives of muslim women in America. i wouldn’t say that its just like the VM’s but its a space to create a dialog and humanize muslim who are often seen as “the other.”

  3. You can see the last show here (it doesn’t include all their stories, but just enough for the 1-hr time limit)


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