this is what my husband looks like when he’s pissed


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he looked like this on monday before i was rushed to hospital when we bumped into ahmed -izam’s husband at charcoal chicken in dianella.

the animosity all started at fairuz’s wedding -the one featured the belly dancer.

we had just arrived and managed to find a seat to settle when ahmed came over with little bubba daniel and said hi. i had a bad case of sinus so i was trying avoid talking face to face with him so i don’t infect both father and son and i thought at this time since ahmed and ayman had met a few times that they’d go about chit chatting and forget about me. it was loud so had didn’t really know what they were conversing. because they weren’t talking much and i was subdued and excused by my sinus ahmed walked off. had no idea it was his hand that patted my shoulder because i had my back facing him. that was on top of ahmed only wanting to strike up a conversation with me, leaving ayman totally ignored.

since this incident, ayman’s totally banned me for ever keeping in contact with izam and co. and this is a childhood friend who i”ve known since i was 4, year 1 primary school, -family friends basically all my life…and now he’s wanting me to disown them since ahmed’s totally disrespected him by touching his wife as well as ignored him and he blamed me for letting him, even though i had no idea and was totally sick to notice anything.


and i asked him -why didn’t he stop ahmed himself when he was in full view of what was going on instead of harbouring ill of ahmed later on…

also, another thing…

when we go anywhere and i happen to bump into someone male that i know -even if its an uncle, i’m suppose to pretend that i don’t know him and even if ayman knows him, suppose to keep silent or disappear elsewhere and let the men talk…

so when we bumped into ahmed again last monday -i thought there’ll literally be a punch up. thats how disgusted and aggressive ayman’s face was when he saw ahmed. ayman totally ignored him and he kept on saying “who are you” as ahmed tried to strike up a conversation with him. i tried to diffuse the awkward tense situation is, “this is izam’s husband…he’s just hungry”…but ayman kept to his ground and once ahmed’s order was finished, he left without saying anything…

have no idea how izam will think of this…


what would you do if you were in my situation?


~ by nursheikha on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “this is what my husband looks like when he’s pissed”

  1. What a lot of bullocks – Ayman needs to grow up and stop being a complete and utter arse!!! He just likes obsessed with being dominent and controlling that he doesn’t realise how this is affecting his loved ones (i.e. YOU!). I think he’s just totally insecure of himself and therefore constantly puts up barriers to protect his terroritory without realising the full implication of his action! Unfortunately I get the feeling he has always being like this and always will be sadly which will be unfair for the newborn – they deserve more and better from their father. Insha-allah in time he will change and understand and control his actions better for the sake of his family.

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