called cops again on hubby


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this is just a brief update of whats been happening lately…

*bub’s home (wednesday 22/04/09) after staying at joondalup health campus and me overnighting the night before he got discharged just to bond before his first day in the real world with mummy and absent daddy

*sleep deprived. still trying to get use to the 3hourly feeds especially with bub here now. hates having nappy changed due to the cold weather. poor bub…

*11:30pm last night -thursday 23/4/09, policed rocked up after i made a 000 emergency call. hubby went crazy because i didn’t bottle bub and i had just breastfed him 30 minutes before. wanted to smash my face with an iron heater after already smashing it on the floor because i chose to “disobey” him by not bottling my bub after already feeding him for a good 15 minutes after coming back from shopping and entrusting my mum to look after baasil by bottling him with my expressed breast milk.

could say my breastmilk was shit, so asked him whats making baasil grow a good 2.7 kg till now…that i’m not looking after our son well because i’m not uber-paranoid and schizo as he is…

does not have believe anyone can look after his son -be it the mother of his bub, docters and nurses with years of training and experience, my mum who’s brought up 7 of her own…no one, even can accuse me of killing me of killing our son all because i chose to breastfeed him every 3-4 hours when he needs to bottle baasil every hour and not let the poor kid sleep or even rest…and i thought we agreed to go natural…

for the first time mum suddenly WOKE UP to see what ayman was really like instead of always blaming me for all the fights…she even broke down in tears and begged ayman to calm down and stop all this, this whilst ayman was holding me back, not letting me through the door and even took the batteries out of my mobile phone so to not call the police…but miraculously, somehow managed to squeeze through…

he managed to cut his forehead by the smash…lucky baasil wasn’t hurt because he was just beside him in his cot…

he swore that night that he wouldn’t let me see the light of day until i bore his punishment…in another words…kill me…

*went to the courts to apply for a restraining order. had to get out late because when expressed, hardly got any milk and baasil was demanding more breast. when got there said had to come back on tuesday. long weekend this weekend. if could get this finalised…will last for 2 years

*pondering on what to put for conditions as part of divprce


~ by nursheikha on April 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “called cops again on hubby”

  1. What a total and utter mess!Q I told you months ago that a leopard never changes its spots and therefore not to let the prat back into your life but you still did. Poor Baasil, what he done to deserve such all these a psycho of a father. May Allah protect you both from this evil deranged beast.

  2. i know nurul…i do feel like a bigger fool each and every day for doing so…love can make people so stupid…just wished i never loved him so much or at all…

  3. dear god
    look.. if you ever need a break from him or your fam then come round to my house or i will take you out for lunch and a big talk. its so sad that you are havng these problems while you are experiencing your first child.

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