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ayman dropped by today in the afternoon unannounced -the police order was only for 24 hours of the issue…when he came into the bedroom -agve me daggers (as in eyes)…didn’t say a word…better than another brawl…just chilled out with baasil as i sat in the living room trying to catch up on my breakfast and lunch and probably dinner as well…

when i walked in on him a few times just to make sure he’s not doing anything stupid with baasil he had the ï’m lonely, miss my family” look as he played with baasil, the same look he gave like last sunday after we had another argument about him wanting to travel for something that’s not his business that ended up in me telling him that if he needs to go and be free then go…demanding a divorce and him refusing to do so until i set out conditions to baasil…i told him if he goes then he can forget he even had a wife or son because i didn’t want him to do what he did when i came back here to australia to sort out his visa -basically forgotten…by he time we had ceased the argument i had made up my mind that he was dead, non-existent…i told him to go home because he had the money and no other debt to repay and that we didn’t need him…

so took the taxi all the way from mirrabooka to joondalup (25 minute journey that costed me $40 one way). he told me he wasn’t seeing baasil but when i got to the nursery, got a surprise to see him also there to see baasil, even lurking around, peeping through the half-closed blinds just to see how baasil was going…he thought i’d stick around and wait for him to give me a ride home but i’d made up my mind that he was dead so didn’t bother so he stayed back to make sure baasil’s nappy was changed and then fed…bottle of course…that night he confessed that he did feel lonely without me and baz and softenned up but of course not for long…

after he went home today messaged him to see if he had come to a conclusion/decision, whether to still keep me as his wife but not stay with me or divorce me…

i just don’t get it. as much as he whinges about me trying to chain him down, restricting him, not happy with me, he still doesn’t want to go ahead with divorcing me…so i asked him -what the hell is holding you back! he can never answer me that…

if i go by the australian courts, we’d need to be seperated for a year before filing for divorce…not sure how i can do it islamically despite having plenty of valid reasons, unless he goes back to egypt perhaps?

either ways i know its too dangerous to live under the same roof as he is…but i guess he does know how to seduce, manipulate me -which i have to endeavour to break…

i told him, if he choosed to still keep me as his wife, regardless of where he goes, that he can’t have any relations with no other women. if he needs to marry, then he’ll have to divorce me because i’lll never accept him having other wives than me. that was part of the pre-nup, as well as him staying put with me and the kids regardless of where we are, but due to circumstance, do have to compromise this…

either ways, he’s free to see baasil on the condtion that he lets me know in advance and that i’m not subjected to anymore abuse. if he can’t do this, then i’ll make sure he does.

told him that i don’t want his money because can survive and have been surviving with my own income keeping in mind how stingey he is. will not be surprised if he abandon’s his responsibility as a father. if he does happen to take it up then he should contribute 35% of his weekly income to baasil.

do you think this is fair to ask?


~ by nursheikha on April 25, 2009.

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