a normal day being Baasil’s mum

no sleep

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12am-make ayman’s breakfast, lunch and if have more time our lunch for tomorrow.

2am -trying to finish off watching a crazy foreign doco or movie on sbs (so far this week usually korean or japanese) before those stupid infomercials start or surfing the net for discounts or on bubs…at the same trying to wake baasil. usually changing his nappy does the trick -his most dreaded regime of the day. hates the cold cleansing wipes.

2:30am -breastfeed baasil, usually for 15-20 minutes before he takes a break. tiring for his small mouth…

3am -breastfeeding baasil for another 5 minutes to send him off to sleep. would try to sleep as well.

5:30am- Baasil would normally be crying for a feed regardless of the 6am wake up alarm i’d set on my phone…usual routine -change nappy, breastfeed.

6am -try to wake up ayman for work and prayers. still breastfeeding baasil

6:30am -expressing milk. breasts would still be sore. normally get around 80 ml after breastfeeding.

7am -finally get to bed. dead.

10am/11am -wake up. wake baasil up. would still be snoring and change his nappy. would probably starting breastfeeding 30 minutes later…

12 noon -Baasil asleep. do brunch, catch up on some ellen/dr phil/al jazeera/whatever interesting on cable

1pm -start cooking for lunch and dinner

2pm -wake up Baasil, bathe and change nappy. feed. check how cooking is going.

3pm -back to chilling out

4pm- ayman would be home. chilling out with him and/or having late tea/early dinner

5pm -wake up baasil, change nappy and bottle with milk that i had expressed in the morning. ayman normally likes to feed baasil. allows me to do other errands.

if late night shopping normally go out after this and get mum to look after baasil. think he’s too young and sensitive to the elements to go out being premature.

would be chilling out/with ayman.

8pm -wake up baasil. change nappy, feed him.

9pm -late night snack for me and ayman before him heading to prayers and sleep.

11pm -wake up baasil. change nappy, feed him.

every week, have to aim and make sure baasil gains 100g. so far is 2.3 kg.

as you can see am knacked…


~ by nursheikha on May 1, 2009.

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