Oops he did it again….CAME HOME!

Oops I did it again….

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just when i wanted to put a restraining order on ayman, he came home along with his suitcase…

said had spent the night at the hospital due to the cut on his head (self-inflicted, but tried to tell everyone including the police and meds at royal perth that i did it by my mobile phone…i think he forgot about the flying schrapnels of the heater that he tried to destroy…lucky didn’t hit baasil)

said if wanted to end the marriage, wanted it in good terms and not by the police again…

he wanted to give it another go but is ready to head abroad for business trips if relationship breaks down again and if made redundent…still wants to pursue importing used loaders to egypt as another form of income

i had informed the visting nurse gemma from king edward hospital of what had happened. social worker james got back to me the next day. wanted to arrange a team meeting today with the docs just so that ayman can ask anything he wanted to know about baasil but he declined, but james will be putting a referral for me and baasil with the child protection agency for more support and encouraged me to talk to ishar multicultural centre.

the thing is, just as much as i need counselling to get me through all this as i know i’m not ok…just hate the idea to be told to go elsewhere and retelling my story again…gone through to king eddy’s, osbourne park hospital social work, work counselling, muslim women support group now ishar and child protection agency…feel have to unrobe my troubles and show my vulnerable self to each and everyone i meet when i really need a place where to encourage me to be strong about all this…

there has been some improvement since he came back…has decided to give me all his pay and make me take care of all the finances but with his money so i don’t accuse him of not looking after me…as well as him knowing that meal time is my time with him for starters because things have been so hectic since baasil has been back home…

we still haven’t arranged the aqiqah yet along with the baby shower/celebration (i.e. cutting of hair, weighing it with gold, etc). spoke to the halal butchers on honeywell boulevard, mirrabooka and they’ve said would cost us around $140 per sheep and thats if they could get one organised for the aqiqah. most of the people didn’t even know i even had baasil so i’m sure there would be many who’d be very pleasantly surprised….

mum’s been wanting me to read ayatul kursi, make doa for ayman to get him to chill out…

i really don’t know why he’s back…why Allah’s made it so…

for the amount of time he’s back, even if for a short period -i do want to try and make it go to a more positive direction, to try the things that are still waiting to be explored like actually being a family than a dissected one…


~ by nursheikha on May 1, 2009.

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