i hate Centrelink


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this was what the queue felt like when i dropped by the nearest Centrelink office to provide docs for the baby bonus…and guess how many people was on the counter serving??? -just one! 😛 crazy!

the government could help th current unemployment rate by getting more people to work for them especially when there’ll be more people relying on the government to live…

having a job is definitely better than getting welfare…no paperwork, fortnightly interviews to make sure you not become any richer than what the government’s paid you or else they take you to court…ego quashed for not being able to sustain yourself…

and yesterday was lying up alongside the unemployed, the new refugee arrivals, single low-income battlers, lazy bums who don’t want to do much in life…was so depressing…

and the line being so long, it was no surprise that they were getting agitated and impatient with the wait that they had to bump up security personnels…


~ by nursheikha on May 5, 2009.

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