Afghan Star!!!

Afghan Dance

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am waiting for another uefa semi final game to play on sbs as i see if baz will buy the classical music being played as sbs broadcast the weather of all these foreign countries…he just had a feed and nappy change and its just gone past 3am…still grizzling asi think another poop is on its way…

you’ve heard of american idol, australian idol…but never had i imagined afghan star!!! -especially in afghanistan with the way things are at the moment…

the purpose of the show was to showcase talents in all parts of afghanistan, to try implement democracy after totalitarianism, to defy the taliban -the effect that they’ve had on cultural afghanistan and to bring the country together -especially with all the many ethnic groups…particularly amongst the pashtuns and hazaras…the prejudices don’t just stay in afghanistan but even as far as perth, australia…my ex-best friend use to refer them as mongolians -the hazaras, so wondered what she had thought of me seeing that i’m asian as well!

just watching the show reminded me of the usual afghan politics that my friends use to fill me in on during my uni days…one of my friend’s mum is cousin to the current president…just the usual backstabbing, envying, being spiteful of others…a very strict and proper way of behaving particularly amongst other afghans…the subclasses -city vs country, herati vs kabuli…

on the show you get pashtuns casting votes on hazaras…women needing to burn the chador and be free to express…death threats for wanting to do so…its crazy and bizarre…

but then again was also glued to this doco coz of the winner of the show -rafi naabzada…he’s quite good looking for a hazara and had a good voice for afghani songs

you’d never get such situations if you watch any other worldly versions…you just think its another one-hit wonder trying to make a fool of themself on tv, with the runner-up always doing more better than the winner iof the competition…this show makes you realise how we trivialise things…take everything for granted because not everyone has what you have and yet you can have the audacity to complain….


~ by nursheikha on May 8, 2009.

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