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he would’ve been 38 weeks if he was still in my tum…

just can’t imagine carrying a bub weighing 3kg around…1.9kg was already painful enough..dunno how other women do it…

this week he approached quite a few milestones this week-smiled throughout the day -not just randomly, he’s focused on your face more, still stops and pouts to listen to the many soundseven peeps, he closed his eyes with his mits trying to sleep whilst we had the bedroom lights on, his poo is starting to pong…and the best -he chuckled!!!

couldn’t believe it. still waiting for another one…

ayman’s at the perth masjid with the jamaah. hope he’s doing some studying for his forklift training. had just been laid off on monday. forklift drivers are in hot demand. probably because most companies here are going to bust. so many technical terms that i have to prep him for coz his english is still quite limited…

had to apply for parenting payments as a result…how do people survive on $800 per fortnight? at least now can try to apply for a home through homeswest since we definitely now fit the criteria…


~ by nursheikha on May 15, 2009.

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