BAZ, NOT HAPPY! nose-digged

Cry Baby

Originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin

does sudafet make your bub’s skin peel? well it is for baasil. will speak to the community nurse about that…

bought the s26 reflux formula and its still making baz vomit some of the milk out…he is having seconds buy why is it still continuing and when he’s about to burp, his tum churns, spats out a small river of vomit before chain-hiccuping…

today…was suppose to wake up for baz’s 11am feed but was too knacked. ayman had volunteered to feed him. thought i’d dozed off for a bit only to be woken up by baz screaming his lungs out continuously in the living room…found out ayman was trying to un-block his nose so thought by crying baz would automatically force the gold snots out…

so told him won’t saline drops be a less painful method?

feel today like a mother to rescue…was the first time i’d seen baz crying with tears and he looked so sad…even after torturing baz’s nose, ayman still didn’t think it was necessary to calm baz, hold him close, settle him…

just hope he doesn’t make a habit of crying like that…


~ by nursheikha on May 17, 2009.

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