travelling but for what purpose..???

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one of my greatest needs is to roam the world and see the many lives, chapters, beauties, miracles, tragedies Allah has created -even when i’m short of cash, its my little dreamy escape when inshaállah things do get better…

was watching a show that featured celebrity gardener and perth boy jamie durie (had featurd on oprah) who travels the globe promoting enviro issues…this evening he featured the lives of those living in the desert communities of rajastan, india. in this program, not only did it show how these people cope with such extreme elements but he also highlighted the pursuit of women empwerment via education…

its very common for young girls to be wed when their 10, who don’t even know the name of their husband even on the night they were married, yet alone know how to pick up a pencil and write…just made me appreciative of my own life here, how even though my parents were trying to get me arranged, i got my way in the end but for some people, their life’s already mapped out the moment they pop into this world…and as struggling as they were to bring me up, to give me a better life, there were so many others in far worse situations…

makes me think…the next time i do get to jetset off into the world, of what difference would i make to people’s lives in the places i visit?

for example everyone dreams to go to paris because of the romantic annotations attached to it, but would they also care to consider how dirty it is, the racism involved particularly if you’re not white, the problems it faces -just like any other city in the world?

people have always said india’s a wonderful place because its so spiritual and full of life despite the poverty…am thinking of going there, especially if we’re on the way to egypt…beats the 13 hour travel…

speaking of environmental extremes, its freezing at the moment and every other part of australia is either more colder, battling a storm or under water at the moment…brrrr…now it really feels like winter because last week we had temps as high as 28C…

jamie also supports this organisation…check it out…


~ by nursheikha on May 23, 2009.

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