anti-proactive solution and sheer cover info-ads

Facial time

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i am so sick of these bloody infomercials like proactive solution, sheer cover…wish they could put on better things than these despite it being 3am in the morning…like music videos maybe!

and in these proactive ad…chicks talk about how lifechanging it is…how it gave them life, confidence…like your skin is your end all and be all of your life, your reason for living…doesnt matter if nearly all of the half the would could even afford the solution or are struggling to survive day by day, where its part of some governments security policies is to bomb houses so that their supporters can move in and you’re only worried about the craters on your face???…how shallow and superficial…

and i just saw an ad for nivea cream with soy protein…of course whatever naturally exists on this planet is beneficial to us…but i hate how these cosmetic companies are trying to cash in, commodify the simple things we consume, the centuries my and other people’s ancestors have eaten whats local to them and represent it as the newest breakthrough in benefitting your wellbeing…its like a big ‘doh but a disgusting one…

this current craze for all things mineral and organic like sheer cover…is it till organic after its been re-manufactured and processed…where is the natural factor now?


~ by nursheikha on May 26, 2009.

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