forgot the 6-8 week community nurse report

had rushed to the health centre because the community nurse had booked me a lactation consultant at 10:30am…i woke up at 10am…can’t believe i was able to dress up, feed baasil, get him prepped up, call the taxi and still arrive 5 minutes early…it normally takes me 2 hous to get ready…

when i did get there all i saw was a bunch of scales laid out for mums to weigh their bubs and a scruffy, drunk-looking nurse hovering over.

i hate it when people ask me -so how long have you been in australia, all because im wearing a hijab and am asian…if i asked directions with a pure unadulterated aussie accent -what does that tell you i am, despite how i look!!!

and because i had barely any sleep last night -i forgot to get this lost-looking nurse to do a checkup on baz…-which today, would be technically been born because it would be the full 40 weeks…weighing 3.5kg too! alhamdulillah Allah didn’t make me weight this long and this heavy to have him…i could barely carry him in the baby carrier…having a pram would’ve helped a lot…but then there’s the problem of dismantling and re-mantling it in and out of taxi’s and bus’s since i can’t drive and don’t want to ask ayman for help…and i can’t have dad or my sister’s to drop us off because legally they need a car seat fitted…

i had also called the multicultural domestic violence advocacy centre…i did finally meet the support officer…why is it when people recommend such a person, when i eventually do happen to meet them its such a disppointment!

i can understand the secrecy of her office due to the nature of her work just as women’s refuges are but i wish she wasn’t so cold…people are already going through a rough patch…she had had someone meeting her soon once i finally found the place so had to reschedule my session…was hoping i could get something done instantly in terms of covering my ass knowing how unpredictable ayman is…but that didnt happen…

just hope when i do meet up with her on thursday before baz’s first playgroup session that she does what other government departments have referred me to her to do…and did i mention 2 officers from child protection agency had come around yesterday? mum thought it was the nurse…they were lovely and so supportive and just reaasred me that not alone…that there are people who can help me out…

i was feeling quite relieved too considering that had i was still in egypt -i would literally be dead, which ayman kindly reminded me yesterday…

~ by nursheikha on May 26, 2009.

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