Would you let the Genie out?

when i came home, was unpacking my shopping -had bought baz more cute clothes so he can look fab (gotta start them small) ayman rocked up and said there’s a sheikh (priest) who’s wanting to see me…i was like -WTF!

after camping out at the perth mosque, ayman had bumped into this man again and whilst updating each other the topic of jinns/genie, evil eye had popped up…

apparently this dude helps you out by quraan if you have genie problems, basically the genie-buster…had saved a man from killing himself last week…and ayman thought maybe there’s something thats stirring us up, because he pondered why we were cool in the day but at night -its always get turbulent…

i told the sheikh -first of all, whether or not there are supernatural beings involved between us, we shouldn’t blame magic, jinns, the evil eye as the main source of the our abusive marriage -thats just an easy cop out…i told him its about communication, the way we treat each other, our understanding of things, workng things through -which is the most difficult and needs both sides to make an effort to pull through…

either ways there’s no harm in reading quraan. remembering Allah and making doa for the good and best…

but his idea was -if we read surah yaasin, taha, yunus, al-jinn, al-a’raaf over olive oil and spread this all over our body and make doa, then this will at least make sure its not jinn or evil-eye related…

and this will be done tomorrow…

the sheikh had also mentioned an incident whereby this man was making his hajj and as he was at the masjid haram about to do the tawaf around the kaaba he was making a fuss about why he’s in the masjid but he cant see the kaaba and yet the kaaba was right in front of him. so the people took him to the sheikh and he asked the man -what exactly was his job before. the man admitted that he use to bathe the dead and he would always accept money from a sorceror to hide the magic spell inside the cloth of the dead so that there is no way the inflicted could undo the magic, just like other people chuck the spells into the sea…from this it shows that Allah forgives all sins but it was apparent that he had committed the worse since Allah did not permit him to kiss the sacred and holy…


~ by nursheikha on May 26, 2009.

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