Outbid In The Last Five Seconds

Outbid In The Last Five Seconds

Originally uploaded by Kidsturk

yeah wish they had told me that…was trying to get a book on baby sign language…

every time i put an amount in, in that very second i’m outbidded…SO ANNOYING!!!

do people have split seconds that notify when they’ve been outbidded??? coz i certainly want one!


~ by nursheikha on June 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Outbid In The Last Five Seconds”

  1. Salam sis,
    With ebay the person that bid before you can put the highest price their willing to pay in for the book. So lets say the bid is at 3.99 but the person bidding said they’d pay 5.99. Well the bid is still set at 3.99 so you come along and say you’re going to pay 4.25 but you’re still outbid by the dude before you that’s willing to pay 5.99. Now the bid is still at 4.25 and you try and put in 4.50 but he’s still higher. Does that make any sense at all? If that happens, raise your bid a couple of bucks and see what happens. Also if you’re awarded the highest bidder sometimes people watch the item at the very end of the auction to see if anyone else is bidding and then try and outbid them at the last second.
    HOpe that helps.

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