religious bigotry: geert wilder’s need to ban the quraan


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the dutch and the rest of europe are heading the polls these few months…and because of the economic doom and gloom its predicted that such extreme right-wing groups like gert wilder’s freedom party, will gain more support for their anti-muslim immigration campaign…and now i just heard on the news he still wants to go ahead with banning the quraan…because he likens it to the mien kahf of hitler…but then again thought -isn’t HIS thinking LIKE HITLER? -to only alienate a certain group, in his case: MUSLIMS.

hitler zoned in on the jews during the depression years. its another case case for geert wilders who makes a living of stirring fear and prejudice against muslims and islam…

if he says he’s only exercizing such freedom of speech, then why isn’t he allowing the very group he’s victimizing a chance to respond to the truth of those who’s actually living the life he claims is inhumane, barbaric? and be that the media or all the printing houses…?

so if he needs to ban the quraan, does that mean the bible, the bharvad gita’s next? or the torah? -all because he doesn’t approve of different lifestyles and other ways of life?

so where’s the real freedom then? to be who you are!

must be all the drugs that he’s shot up…ad the dutch is suppose to be “liberal”…what an irony…

if the quraan promotes violence, why did the prophet muhammad let his christian and jewish and other beliefs live side by side wih him and not kill them all? his own uncle who had supported his cause was not muslim, was the prophet ordered to kill his own blood too?

sure the quraan promotes self-defence which is what i think wilders would have twisted its context to justify himself about islam promoting violence, but in no where does it say to pre-empt any campaigns to forcefully convert people to the islamic creed…because its forbidden…wish all these right-wingers and red-heads could understand that…

the holy wars that the caliphs fought against the crusaders -not all of its army were muslim…if islam lives in absolutes…all its fighters would have had to be muslim, just like after the spanish inquisistion…

if he thinks islam is encrouching in other people’s way of life, why is he enforcing his beliefs on others?

if you go to muslim countries like malaysia -they’ve lived side by side with other religious and ethnic groups in harmony with no probs, so why is when you go to such western/european countries you get so much racism…so much them vs us?

there was also on the news today about some saudi students being attacked in the city all because of the way they look/are…so its wrong to be decent and right to be indecent?

MORE READING (for&against):,0,6791728.column


~ by nursheikha on June 2, 2009.

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