bad customer service…lebanese style

Lebanese food

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we had lebanese at the little lebanese cafe down on waneroo road…just to talk over our marriage…whats going to happen now that i told him he’s free to go and id report to centrelink that we’re seperated…

it was i guess a typical middle eastern restaurant…loud music, people smoking shisha’s to warm themselves outside on the pavements, sweets and kebabs decorating the whole shop, rowdy crowd with byo wines flowing despite it saying halal…luckily no bellydancers here or else i would have grilled her too…

ayman had recommended me the mixed platter…when it did come to eating…not only did the baffoon of a waiter got the order wrong (had only ordered one) but before ayman could speak, he put ayman to his place and said in this country -everyone orders for themselves, its not like back home…if i knew this was what ayman was told, i would’ve replied to him -well from experience, in australia -its your responsibility to actually ask each customer what they’d like to eat…and not assume or try to mind-read what each one wanted…i’d never come across such bad customer service as this…and i was a little bit worried…even if i talked even slightly in that kind of rude tone with ayman -he would explode so was worried that he might start a fight and punch this guy waiter out…luckily there was no big scene but i was stunned for ayman to take it from this guy because i know i wouldn’t, even walk out…but ayman didn’t…it kinda made me feel sorry for him…

their lady’s fingers and baklava’s were probably the best i’d come in perth though…but thats all that i can recommend from this shop…and also, not only was it ayman that received a rude reception from this waiter, others did too and it was starting to get very uncomfortable sticking around…


~ by nursheikha on June 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “bad customer service…lebanese style”

  1. i just want to say one thing, it’s the waiter that is rude and impolite… it doesn’t say anything about the Lebanese people. you cannot judge a whole population based on one person…

    • sorry.the comment was about the stupid waiter who just happened to be a leb, his personal customer service, not against the whole lebanese community.

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