how would each war play out on a chess board?

was watching this doco this afternoon whilst i wait for the formula milk to be delivered:

“Metropolis: The Bright Cities of the Dark Ages: Mission to Constantinople ” [Mission to Constantinople – This three-part series takes viewers back in time to the stimulating, mystifying era; the 15th Century. The series looks at what life was like in the cities of Constantinople, Paris and Venice. Part one travels to Constantinople, where, in 1437 the once great Byzantine Empire was reduced to its last outpost. The Muslem Ottomans were at its gates and it was only a matter of time before the city fell.]…

and apart from showing what a great fortress Constantinople (Istanbul) had against wageing invaders/enermies thats still standing strong even the likes of today and the metamorphasis it had gone through (religious, cultural and historical), even though i only watched bits and pieces because had to remind myself to eat and not just baz only, one comment that stood out was even though constantinople is not geopolitically situated in the best part of the world (…its vulnerable to attacks from all sides but the city was able to defy that and turn it to the most powerful of all regions for hundreds of years…

and it made me think, if the political strategies were played out on a chess board -how would each one look like…especially with the current iraqi war and war in afghanistan…


~ by nursheikha on June 5, 2009.

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