boomerang marriage


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went to centrelink today to cancel the transfer from partnered parenting payments to single particularly seeing that (yes i know) ayman’s back again…but there’s no guarantee he’s here for good since i told him he’s free to leave, especially to find work and also to spare me the hassle of reapplying for it again…but when i looked at the form, they needed 2 non-family related references to confirm this…apart from everyone on facebook, who can actually do this in person?

also it was awkward explaining my situation because i really wanted to know if its ok for me to reapply if ayman left again but for a further period of time because 1/ ayman was beside me, and 2/ the guy who served me recognised me from my murdoch uni days, only that he did policy management and i did politics but we have to take first year politics units together and his supervisor knew ayman from the mirrabooka mosque..TOO SMALL OF A WORLD…

still worried about finances because ayman’s applied for more than 200 jobs everywhere in australia, not just within perth, and still no luck…and i’m trying to get more $$$ on the side, even starting to do avon since last tuesday, but even that’s a worry since i didn’t even have enough plastic slips and brochures -only 25, to cover 90 homes within the given territory and i’ve still not got an account number to go online…

i’ve just left the brochures inside the mailbox just in case some of the clients might dob me in for trespassing or some dog might chase after me. there are some houses i had to skip because they hate junk mail. the next challenge is, how to pick up the brochures again to re-use them for my other clients before the order day. but it was a good workout going around those houses, even more when i forgot my glasses at home 😛

am glad baasil shitted today coz he hadn’t done so all day yesterday…just worried because he’s just not his lively kicking old self, particularly for a feed…he seems more placid but still in the mood to mumble baby jibberish…

its been cold lately, dunno how many more blankets i should put on him before he overheats or how long i should keep the heater on because i don’t even know if the one we’re using is safe 😦 and ayman’s got the flu…until now he’s slept beside me but in his own little bed with cute night light…

at the moment he loves me reading him all the music story books like elmo loves to play…and he’s checking out danggling colourful things around him, being soothed to the sounds of all kinds of sounds -quraan, mozart, 93.7 fm…love watching him grow…

and i love it when we have our mum-to-bub talk where i out the side of my forehead with his side of his forehead and we analyze the outcomes/business of the day, and he just loves listening and also giving his baby feedback…love watching him grow…only wished he could lift his head more during tummy time…

~ by nursheikha on June 8, 2009.

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