I Love Books!!! especially Scholarly Journals online…

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did i also mention that the reason why ayman was back was initially to give us a ride whenever i needed to do errands for baz or the house…

anyways, when was buying some meds for baz and ayman because both have gone down with something there was a parent info section littered with an assortment of pamplets, info books…one of them detailed ebooks for e-kids…

all you needed was your local library card and you get view or retrieve ebooks online…


and i found one of the info suppliers i use to use for my research in my uni days ebsco and my love for journals was rekindled again….

ahhhh just love getting my hands on those political journals that nobody else reads but cost a fortune to purchase be it online or at your nearest newsagency or bookstore be it here or even overseas like singapore…

boy am i in book heaven at the moment!!! ahhhhhh!!!!

also there’s a whole collection of baby books and games baz could try out too!!!

more savings!!!


~ by nursheikha on June 8, 2009.

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