Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children

Children, Bulgaria

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i’m watching this depressing doco late at night while trying to put baasil to sleep on sbs and i just feel so sad for those institutionalised bulgarian kids who get no ounce of interaction or human love or compassion despite their disability…so much for the country joining the exclusive EU…who on one hand are becoming more islamaphobic, creating the new red, yet they can’t even look after their own weak, more like abandon them and just hope by the grace of God they could make it another day…and these kids live in the most fertile, richest part of bulgaria…yet all you see are african-stick-like, malnourished, bruised, fly-infested, mostly immobile, severely deformed, abused autistic, down-syndrome, blind, deaf kids…who each year a few die…each one lives in their own world with no one outside to reach out for them…

maybe madonna should have gone here as well…

this is a little brief:

Bulgaria joined the European Union on January 1, 2007. It has more institutionalised children than any other European country. This program provides a poignant glimpse into the lives of unwanted children living in one such home. (From the UK, in Bulgarian and English, English subtitles)

just bizarre to see how unaffected the carers are to the dire cases of these children…how they could walk away and sleep at night and not be traumatised as i am whilst watching thi, whilst i try to put chunky, winnie the pooh clad baasil to sleep…

can you imagine never be medically treated, their diagnosed justified…be sitting in a shit bowl all day because it would just be easier to clean up…

each one neither knows their mother because they had been abondoned by their parents since the day they were born or others wait for the return…

so sad….



~ by nursheikha on June 9, 2009.

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