someone’s 21 yr old brother passed away today…

Life, Death and Rebirth

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diyana’s brother passed away today…never liked her because she always gave me a hard time in school and will forever never forgive her for that…her uncle is ayman’s enemy at work -uncle always pestered him about his work despite him only being a machine operator and ayman a welder…i guess runs in the family…the boy was in the same year as my brother at morley senior high…

anyways the news of his death reminded me that death could come at any time…

i could always remember how annoying and spoilt he was was we visited his family for eid when i was small to now hear that he’s 6 feet under…

it was only yesterday that dad had told mum he was in royal perth. dad works in the cardio section and therefore knows who’s not well in the malay/muslim community…and today told that he didn’t make it…

inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji uun

his folks are good people…just thinking…hope i go before baasil does and not other way around…

just worried because he’s been having problems catching his breathe particularly when he’s trying to flush his nose shit out…

on this note, hope every one’s prayed today, remembered Allah


~ by nursheikha on June 9, 2009.

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