aussie redneck stickers

Xenophobic Car Stickers

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the one you see here’s just moderate…couldn’t find the one that say’s “fuck off, we’re (australia)’s full”…

wished the aborigines had said this when captain james cook arrived here in 1788, instead of cook shamelessly calling it “terra nullius” and having the early australian governments trying to breed them (aborigines) out…wonder what australia would have looked like…or what if indonesia had seized it…there would probably be more tolerance, less judgentmental of people than there is currently here today…

can you imagine the size of australia as compared to other nations and population only 20million+ …of course there’s plenty of room for people settle…from all corners of the world…

sometimes i think the word “human rights” only applies to europeans/caucasians…its a different story if you’re a shade or ethnicly different…this concept should apply to EVERYONE…and i just feel like that word only exists in western democratic, wealthy nations…that if such democratic reforms should exist or efforts made, its only for economic/financial returns that only the wealthy elite of that particularly country can enjoy…rarely you see it trickle down and received by those who need it most…

for example how much aid have we sent out to africa? compare it to how much it has prospered in the last 50 years, particularly with the natural resources it has?

will the concept of master and slave ever be extinguished since its still the colonisers are still reaping the goods from the colonized? how can human rights ever exist if we still have intitutions re-enforcing, nurturing this?

this whole notion came about this news story…

doesn’t say much but this iranian cab driver had to be deported after he trried to run over a police horse…he did his best to assimilate -changed his name, applied for citizenship, abandoned islam, tried to live the “australian” way of life as best he could and still he was told, even by the aussie cops that if he didn’t like things he then he should go back to his country…and then the topic of foreigners came up and they interviewed this yobo about how proud he was to show that racist sticker…and he’s not the only one…i’ve seen quite a few around…

so much for this iranian guy to try and be aussie…i guess part of being a “real” aussie for rednecks is is to be a racist…

~ by nursheikha on June 11, 2009.

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