knows where the milk is…can’t fool this kid

the second baz wakes up, and thats if he gets you before you’re able to get ready for him (milk in bottle, towel, baby balsam, saline nose spray, the tv remote control, cup of hot water just in case he pauses in between his feeds, blanket to keep him warm), he goes on a screaming session until he detects milk in his mouth…and then everything in the house falls in place, back to normal…

i tried giving him the dummy just now because its nearly 4am, everyone’s still snoring, but no…he had to felx his lungs…regardless of any lullabies, quraan playing in the background…grrr

he now knows that the dummy ain’t going to nourish him, smart boy! and he’s not even 3 months yet…

but in terms of the rest of his development, i am worried that because i started giving tummy time a little later that he’s still not able to lift his head when i put him on his tummy and that when i talk to him, regardless of how close my face is to his, he just isn’t looking directly straight at me…

the nurse is going to come over next week but i’ve missed the last 2 weigh-ins…i’m sure he weighs 6kg now…but then again i’m really not looking forward to seeing her because i’m now giving baz the bottle despite all the attempts of trying to breastfeeding him…it just hurts too much and i’m still getting my nipples ripped….just not looking forward to her nagging


~ by nursheikha on June 17, 2009.

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