souvenirs from Malaysia

Ikan Kering

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whenever my family did trips to Malaysia, my mum would always bring home suitcases of these fried salted fish, as well as dried chillis, packed durians, fried chilied tapioca chips with peanuts, fish crackers, kelantan/terranganu fresh wet fish crackers that i normally eat for days non-stop (they’re my malaysian pringles), along with another suitcase of our eid/formal baju kurungs and kebayas and hijabs…because 1/ they’re expensive here or even online, 2/being a family of 7 kids, dad would always stay home, we had altogether 160kg worth of luggage to bring…the benefits for being in a large family…

cik zarina, one of my mum’s friends just came back from malaysia and guess what filled our big dining table -dried salted fish!!!

my sis afizah’s going to singapore for a break and there’s no guess what mum had requested…

something different would be nice…

whenever mum calls her sisters in malaysia there would always be someone who’d passed away…i wonder when i do eventually go back to malaysia (haven’t been back since ’99 due to a romantic complication), i wonder who would be left in the kampongs or would it be a ghost town or hideouts for other foreigners like indonesians to take bay…


~ by nursheikha on June 17, 2009.

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