Perception Shift

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this al jazeerah story features a family’s understanding of their son mohammed atta -the one who the bush adminstration declared was responsible for flying one of the planes into the twin towers…

just another way of seeing him…

a few nights ago was watching another lame late night movie on telly called war stories:

is about a group of american journalists trying to capture the conflict of afghanistan and neighbouring countries and it made me wonder why…when i’m in australia, whenever i see a movie depicting muslims or islam, we’re always predictably represented as backward, uneducated, inhumane, immoral, perverted, extremists, terrorists, potential bombers be it babies or grannies…but when i’m somewhere like egypt, malaysia…they depict either going to america, europe or being so like the most fashionable, decent, wealthy, that that is how you should be, behave in order to be considered as part of the country’s rich and elite and best…that even in reality, you see these egyptian/arab guys throwing themselves over anyone blonde, blue eyed, caucasion like a bunch of manwhores and forget they even prayed and met Allah 5 minutes ago…

our current pm’s currently under fire about how he misled parliament about helping out a mate

so i’m like why didn’t bloody john howard (last liberal pm) didnt get fired for lying about the refugee children overboard incident and reason to invade iraq because of wmd…why didnt they search israel?


~ by nursheikha on June 20, 2009.

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