playing old skools

very rarely does abc rage play any old school rnb and hip hop so was great to see music vids the likes of mo def, missy elliot, tyrese, 2pac, blackstreet…reminds me of my high school days …and ayman was like -why are listening to these black people/bitches…because very rarely does he see me enjoying this genre…just dont like the type of music they’re playing now…gawd, am sounding like an oldie now 😛

then they showed this clip by gnarls barkley…had just finished watching the romantic comedy the holiday featuring cameron diaz, jude law…have to admit, was the first time i found jude law attractive through a character…but then again must be because of his blue eyes…anyways there was a scene were the dude kate winslet was in love flew over to LA just to see her…she’d been waiting 3 years for this guy only to find out that he chose another to marry…so he came to see her all because he missed her…but he was the type of guy that likes to string you along…who wants the best of both worlds…just reminded me of ayman…

even though he’s been laying low these days…doesn’t like the new place he’s working…have had a few words with the work placement consultant about the lack of safety and work ethic or respect the place has…its at welshpool, full of rednecks…but i still feel for the guy in this video…

he’d gone to the tradesman expo today at the burswood dome…was $10 well spent because he realised how advanced the world was…all the ideas he had, everyone else invented…and he managed to get a better understanding of what the market was in australia…that he can’t compare it with korea -where he could make money out of anything, the only hindrance is the visa, whereas in egypt it was the government…


~ by nursheikha on June 20, 2009.

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