fight over optus connection

Optus prepaid SIM card

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brazil just hammered another goal against italy in the confeds cup in south africa 3-0…shame-o italionos..

anyways, just had another fight with ayman over our net connection…

i wanted to him to either buy or give me money to buy the prepaid optus wireless broadband modem because our current one’s giving us crumbs… just imagine $20 for 150mb whereas optus $15 520 mb…big difference!

what got it heated was since he’d been out of wirk, we’d been living on centrelink payments…$400 or so per week…which always ended up as $250 for groceries and $150 for recharging the net and this is when we’re living with my folks, how about when we are on our own…and most of the $150 goes to ayman “dreaming”of making money from loaders to help him get through not having a job in the meantime, whereas what the hell in terms of luxuries do i get!!!

he thought now that he’d gotten a job, being how diffifcult it was to land with one wanted to save as much money…fair enough -to the extent that no one lives? but i told him, instead of speading hundred of dollars on a connection that hardly gives you any data, why not buy another that does…especially when he’s the one downloading vids, watching youtube, listening to music -and this doesn’t cost anything?

he said he didnt want us to waste any money because he thought thats all i did best…so i replied by asking about who was the one who managed to get ANY money survive in the past months or so…who still has a permanent job and is not on contract…because he was also saying that even if i work, it doesnt bring any benefit to our life…and i replied as if he does, he doesn’t even know what needs done, to be taken cared of…

he said i’d resorted to do doing the lowest of the low by doing avon, handing out brochures and i said, well whats he doing by not making me do this or find other means to get money…

so i demanded the many times i’ve recharged just for him to dream -at least the portion of the money go towards paying for another net connection…

we starting screaming…and thats when mum tried to make things better by telling me to shut up, all because people needed to sleep…i was demanding money from ayman now that he has a job and all mum could say to me was i’m stingy because i not pay dad rent (we just missed last month because ayman didnt have a job)..and i replied than ask this from ayman….how can i give when i’m not getting any…and she complains how my dad doesnt look after her financially…well why isnt she standing up for her principles with her son-on-law when im clearly demanding money from him because he’s suppose to be looking after me as someone who’s still my husband and has a job, and yet she tells me to shut up, even wanting to slap my mouth for asking. how fucking demented of a mother!!! why she even bother caring.

so ayman as usual decides to go again -the best way to solve any disagreement…but comes back with the money saying he’s giving me this despite not agreeing with it…was quite shocked to find the cops outside and asked if i had called the cops again. and i said no, but i think the neighbours might’ve since i guess they can hear whats going on. at least they’re doing the right thing, unlike mum!

~ by nursheikha on June 21, 2009.

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