P. Ramlee -still rocks

P. Ramlee The Musical

Originally uploaded by KNizam Artwerk



there was a musical about abba, the beatles…had no idea there was one on p.ramlee -who’s a malaysian institution, just like abdul halim hafez was to the arab world…who ruled the malaysian cinema for over 30 years…can you imagine anyone in hollywood doing that? not even elvis got that far…

i use to grow up watching his films, which was my introduction to more of the malay culture, traditions, language outside of my immediate family as the rest of the clan are in singapore and malaysia and its one of those films that you can watch again and again that you don’t get sick of…

my folks normally put on klasik fm when they’re not watching an of the malaysian cable networks and i just heard one of p. ramlee’s songs: “di mana kan ku cari ganti” (where can i find someone just like you)…which is derived from a film of a tragic unrequited love…one i normally sing to myself when i’m feeling down and unloved…

the first one’s the original, the 2nd is a rev-ed up version…

~ by nursheikha on June 25, 2009.

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